Do you struggle


with relationships?

Can rejection

feel like



Does intimacy


engulfing and intrusive?

Is it possible

that early childhood wounds

could be at the core

of your current difficulties?

A secure attachment

to a primary caregiver

is a child’s

most important

developmental need.

Early unmet attachment needs

due to trauma or neglect,

rejection or enmeshment,

are the root of many adults’ problems.

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Magnolia Buds


Early unmet attachment needs are at the root of many adults’ repetitive relationship and emotional problems.

Dr. Laura specializes in a proven, leading-edge, mind-body psychotherapy, the Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy, that can help to repair these wounds and create or restore meaningful connections with oneself and others.

Clarity awaits.


Individuals who seek therapy are just like you; folks struggling with the normal problems, frustrations, and longstanding issues we all face.

Getting to the core of our personal suffering with the help of a trained professional is a proactive process aligned with embracing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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Dr. Laura’s practice is based on the idea that if you have childhood wounds it is very likely that needs critical to your development as a child were not met by your primary caregiver(s).

She focuses on strengthening the most mature parts of your adult self so you can use those aspects to identify and remediate these unfulfilled needs.

Rediscover yourself.

A Video Introduction to the Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy